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Welcome to Senior Doc and thank you very much for your interest in a Mobile Geriatric Physician and Mid-level Provider Service and Technology Platform.

At Senior Doc we are looking not only for the best and brightest clinicians and staff members but we are looking for individuals who view their patients and colleagues with a level of compassion and respect that is unparalleled in any other workplace or company.


Physicians are paid on a production, percentage model. Work as much or as little as your time allows. Dedicate yourself full-time to Senior Doc or continue your office or hospital practices and use Senior Doc’s platform solely for House Calls, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and Concierge visits. Senior Doc will provide the back office support, protocols, and contracts as well as technology and communication platform which will facilitate greater production and reimbursement, more efficiency, and improved lifestyle and success.

Nurse Practitioners & Physician assistants:

Are paid on a production, percentage model, similar to physicians. You will work under the supervision of a Senior Doc physician.


Senior Doc providers are 1099 Independent Contractors. All Senior Doc providers are responsible for their own Malpractice Insurance, up to date State Licensure and DEA numbers. Providers can utilize a Senior Doc trained Medical Assistant for their scribing, orders, and marketing in the field. The Medical Assistants are employees of Senior Doc and Senior Doc providers will pay the hourly cost of those Medical Assistants for the hours they spend with them in the field. We have found at Senior Doc that efficiency, productivity, and reimbursement increases significantly for the Senior Doc providers who utilize the service of our Medical Assistants.