The FUTURE is NOW in Senior Healthcare!

No longer worry if Mom or Dad are safe or cared for?

Senior Doc has implemented a state of art and industry leading Wrist-band technology that allows you to monitor the Heart Rate of your loved one at all times. 

Additional the Wrist-band has fall detection capabilities to ensure your loved is safe.

The Wrist-band is Easy to Wear, Comfortable, and can be worn Day & Night including Showers.

This is a COVERED Medicare Benefit!  No additional out-of pocket costs!

Contact us today for more information! And if you would like to sign up for your loved ones Safety and Reassurance.

Senior Doc provides medical care to seniors directly in their homes, assisted living, skilled nursing communities, hospice, or via secure Telehealth options.

If you are looking to become a provider at one of the fastest growing senior care providers in the U.S. please get in touch with our team today.