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Proprietary, Clinical Grade Absorption – Customized for Senior Living

Total Incontinence Management (TIM) is a clinical grade absorbent hygiene products package system engineered – and tested – to provide maximum protection so residents can confidentially stay active and caregivers spend less time cleaning.

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Total Incontience Management

Reduced Risk of UTI’s

Reduced Risk of Pressure Injuries

Reduced Risk of Falls

Improved Comfort

Improved Restful Deep Sleep

Improved Cost of Care Efficiencies

TIM delivers clinical grade absorbency and hygiene products directly to the resident.

Absorbent Products per month: 120 210 240
Bed Pads: 15 30 30
Wipes: 3 bag 6 bags 6 bags
Wash & Cream: 1 each every 2 mo 1 each every 2 mo
Pricing: $130 / month $190 / month $225/ month
Total Incontinence Management TIM - Senior Doc

Each brief set includes: Tape-On Briefs + Pull-Ons + Half/Half
Prices above apply to sizes S-XL. Additional price may apply to 2XL, 3XL.