Cloud-based Primary Care

Where @Home and On-site Physician services meet Senior Tech.

• Full Service Primary Care Physician Care
• Wearables: Wrist Heart-rate monitors, Fall detection (See link to Wearables)
• Remote Patient Monitoring:( See Link to RPM)
• Telehealth – Virtual Visits (See Link to Telehealth – Virtual Visits)
• Chronic Care Management (See Link to CCM)
• Cloud-based Data Collection & Analysis
• Cloud-based Electronic Health Record
• Improved Outcomes
• Improved Satisfaction
• Predictive Medicine for Seniors

Join the Premiere Senior Care, 65+ Healthcare Network today.

One-stop Full Service Primary Care Physicians for ALL Seniors from young, healthy, independent to declining, dependent, advancing.

Senior Doc provides medical care to seniors directly in their homes, assisted living, skilled nursing communities, hospice, or via secure Telehealth options.

If you are looking to become a provider at one of the fastest growing senior care providers in the U.S. please get in touch with our team today.