Senior Doc has led the Senior Care Physician industry for the past 8 years through pioneering and creating a convenient and effective primary care service inside Senior Living Communities. Residents will receive a consistent weekly Medical Provider whose focus and goal are to optimize personal health and well-being. Each provider will ensure the delivery of medical care such as labs, x-rays, and medical visits to the comfort of each resident apartment.  This eliminates transportation and other challenges. Senior Doc is available 24/7.

The onsite care model for Senior Living Communities include weekly visits, lab work, annual wellness exams, referrals and coordination with specialists, medication refills and reviews, EKGs, x-rays, ultrasounds, and transitional and chronic care. Senior Doc Patients also have access to remote patient monitoring and our VIP Concierge Service.

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Senior Doc provides medical care to seniors directly in their homes, assisted living, skilled nursing communities, hospice, or via secure Telehealth options.

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